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How had this all happened? It all had a very simple explanation. Yes, a very, very, very simple explanation.

It all had started when Luffy and I had accidentally been caught by Ace for the who knows what time talking about Gold Roger. We wouldn't really help it, since we both admired him quite a bit, especially Luffy, but Ace never really liked us to talk about his father. Ace was probably going to tell us something about fighting each other again. I could notice just by seeing the excited grin that was painted on his face then, but after he had heard us talking about the former pirate king he had shouted something about respect and then stormed off quite angry.  Luffy had tried to stop him and muttered something else about how he shouldn't be upset that Ace completely ignored, leaving Luffy on the verge of tears. Now I was sitting on top of a random tree branch, right on top of Luffy who was whining about being bored, staring at people pass.

I soon noticed a man chasing a woman around, a bit far away. Probably because of some discussion, it was quite frequent to see it here really. I could see her almost crying and visibly angry, and the man desperately trying to explain himself. I continued watching them quite bored, not really knowing what else to do. The woman then turned around and asked something, that made the man react quickly, answer something and then kiss her. I blushed lightly at this. I had never ever seen someone kiss another person. Never. Then the man and the woman, after muttering something else became happy again and went away to somewhere. I continued then stared at a random point for some point until I heard Luffy telling me something.

"Sabo, I'm bored. Can we do something fun?" He asked with a tone of voice quite similar to his wining one.

I climbed down the tree branch and looked at Luffy. "Sure, why not?" I said. "But what could we do?" I asked aloud.

Luffy started thinking. "Can you chose the game? I can't think of anything. I'm too bored" Luffy said.

I nodded and continued thinking deeply about something fun until I suddenly remembered a game that I had played a long time ago with Ace for five minutes, until he got bored. I still remembered the rules too. "I know!" I said, suddenly shouted.

"What game, what game?!" Luffy asked, visibly excited.

"We're going to play 'truth or dare'" I said with a smile on my face. Yes, this was bound to be fun.

"What is that game?" Luffy asked.

"What? You don't know?" I asked him

Luffy shook his head. "No, never played it" He said.

"Okay, then let me explain you" I said. I took a breath in and prepared myself to explain the game to Luffy. "We must ask each other whether to do a 'truth' or a dare'" I started saying "If the person asked chooses 'truth' then they must answer the other person's question telling the complete truth. If they chose 'dare' they must do something that the other person tells them" I said.

Luffy looked at me for several moments, as he processed the information. It took him a surprisingly short time, considering how bad my explanation had been.

"Okay! let's play then" He said, with an excited tone of voice.

We then went towards the tree trunk and sat there, each one in front of the other. "I'll start, since I proposed the game" I said. Luffy nodded to this in agreement. "Okay Luffy, so chose: Truth or dare?" I asked him.

Luffy thought about which one to chose for several seconds. "Truth" He finally said.

I grinned and thought the question I would ask him. I knew it has his first time, but I didn't want to be too nice either. I ended up deciding to be nice. "If you woke up one day and notice, that you are invisible, then what will be the first thing that you would like to do?" I asked him.

Luffy smild. "Fight either you or Ace!" He said "And defeat you with my invisibility!" He finished saying with a huge grin on his face.

I laughed. "I think that we would still beat you though" I said, remembering all the times Luffy had been defeated

"That's not true!" Luffy said, with a frown. I could only laugh more.

"Anyways Luffy, it's your turn now" I said.

Luffy nodded excitedly. "Sabo, truth or dare?" He asked, with a huge mischievous grin painted on his face. I wondered what he had planned exactly.

"Dare" I replied. I would never ever chose truth. That was for cowards.

Luffy's grin only was made bigger with my answer. I now shuddered. What had he planned to make me do? "Sabo, you have to play 'join the dot's' with Ace's freckles" Luffy said, with now a devilish grin.

Blood left my face. "W-what? You can't be serious!"  I said. Ace would be very angry if he caught me doing that, and he was already angry enough. Luffy shook his head, repeated me the rules I had said, and told me again what I had to do. I went away defeated, thinking of a plan and noticing that Luffy went after me, with a curious face.

I quickly got hold of a marker and went towards where Ace was. When I saw him I was immediately relieved. "He is asleep! Thank god!" I thought, extremely relieved. I went towards my brother and quickly prepared the marker as I got closer and closer to his face. I then started drawing random things, slightly snickering as I saw how Ace's face was ending up looking like. He had some cat whiskers, a hat, a very weird drawing that was supposed to be a dog, a small heart... I was almost finished when I heard Ace's voice.

"Sabo, what exactly are you doing?" Ace asked, clearly annoyed.

"What? Oh I..." I started saying, as I tried to contain my laughter. I could hear Luffy laughing from a distance too. Ace was staring at me, at first wondering what I was doing, but then he saw the marker on my hands and he realised why I was almost laughing.

"Sabo!" He shouted quite angry, as he got up and started chasing me. I jumped on my feet and ran away, as I still heard Luffy laughing hard. "He is going to suffer next one" I thought to myself as I tried to escape Ace by all means possible. I soon managed to do it, I was not too sure how, and then went back to where Luffy was.

"It's my turn now Luffy" I said. "Truth or dare?" I asked.

Luffy replied quickly this time. "Dare" He said.

"Perfect. Luffy, go and run around as if you were a gorilla for ten minutes" I commanded. I saw Luffy look to the ground as he walked away, but not too bothered. "I must think of something better" I silently told myself.

Ten minutes later Luffy came back, with a smile on his face again ad not bothered or embarrassed at all. "Sabe, truth or dare?" I heard him ask.

"Dare" I replied.

"Talk straight for five minutes to the first person you find around here" He said. I was shocked. That little devil!

I went away, hoping that I did not find anyone, but I was wrong, and I soon encountered a man walking around with a worried face. He saw me and said hi. I said the same thing and then started talking, knowing that Luffy was probably around somewhere laughing very hard.

When I went back to where Luffy was I had quite a big bump on the head, courtesy of the man I had had the joy of annoying for five minutes straight.

"Luffy, truth or dare?" I asked my younger brother.

"Dare" Luffy said with a smile.

I then started thinking of something good and embarrassing that he could do. "I can't think of anything!" I thought desperately as I felt Luffy's bored look on my face. It was then when I remembered. The man and that woman!

I got up with a grin on my face. "Luffy, you must kiss Ace" I said with a devilish grin on my face. This would completely destroy him! I knew it would! Luffy got up, not too bothered t first. "But Luffy, it must be on the lips" I then added "Not on his cheeks" .

Luffy's eyes widened as he realised what I had asked and it's meaning. "What! No way!" He said, horrified.

"You must do it, it's truth or dare after all" I said quite happily.

Luffy's smile suddenly disappeared and he turned around and went away looking at the floor. "Okay" He said quietly. I snickered as I followed him. No way in hell I was going to miss this!

Luffy started searching for Ace, and soon found him... beside the river, cleaning his face and trying to erase all the drawings that I had bade. I could see him visibly angry and muttering something, that probably was like "Stupid Sabo". Luffy went to his side and sat down making Ace turn around and look at him.

"What do you want Luffy?" He asked.

Luffy muttered something under his breath and then went forwards and kissed Ace on his lips for a very short time. I immediately saw Ace become completely still and blush madly as he stared at Luffy as he came closer to him, gave him an innocent kiss and then ran away. He continued staring at the place where Luffy had been for several minutes more as he processed what had happened, with the blush still on his face the whole time. He then shook his head and sat down, staring at the river with that blush still on his face. "I bet Luffy is blushing even harder than him" I thought with a snicker. Ace then turned around as he heard me snicker, completely forgetting that I had painted his face.

"So Ace, did you like that?" I asked teasingly and almost laughing.

Ace's face turned even redder and he got up, prepared to chase me around all he wanted. "Sabo!" He shouted, not managing to get rid of that blush.

I started running around, and several minutes after starting to be chased I saw out of the corner of my eyes Luffy sitting down beside a tree with a blush on his face staring at the sky. I ran towards Luffy, who didn't even respond to my presence, but looked at Ace, that was then chasing me around. He then blushed harder and hid behind the tree he was previously sitting by. Ace did the exact same thing. I laughed loudly and walked away.
Here is a little cute thing that just came to my mind! It's mostly fluffy and cuteness, but also has a try in humour in it :D Well, I hope you enjoy it! It's based in the Sabo arc, but no spoilers in it really (well, other than Ace's father). I hope you enjoy!

Chapter one: [here]
Chapter two: [here]
Chapter three: [here]
Chapter four: [here]
Chapter five: [here]
Chapter six: [here]
Chapter seven: [here]
Chapter eight: [here]
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